Our Mentorship Story

Meet the Team Behind the Mentorship Revolution

Our leadership

At Mentorange, we're driven by a dynamic duo: Danish Naglekar and Minal Agashe. These two extraordinary individuals bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our journey.

  • Minal Agashe

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Meet Minal Agashe, our managerial marvel. With a background as a Manager and a technical edge, Minal brings a unique blend of leadership and technical know-how to Mentorange. Her 12+ years of experience in the software industry have honed her ability to bridge the gap between vision and execution.

  • Danish Naglekar

    Executive Chair & Founder

    As our Senior Manager and a Microsoft MVP, Danish Naglekar is the technical genius behind Mentorange. With over a decade of experience in software development, he's not just a full-stack developer; he's a visionary. Danish's technical prowess and passion for innovation lay the foundation for our platform's success. He's the guy who turns ideas into reality.

Danish and Minal are more than just co-founders; they're the heart and soul of Mentorange. Their synergy, technical acumen, and unwavering dedication drive us forward. But what truly sets them apart is their warmth and approachability. They're not just leaders; they're mentors themselves. Together, They Spark Change.

The ‘Why’

At Mentorange, our journey began with a vision – a vision of quality mentorship.

In a world where mentors are dedicating valuable time to program management rather than delivering their expertise, we saw an opportunity for change. There is an abundance of mentors offering programs in diverse ways, but we sensed a pressing need for a unified platform.

We envisaged a space where Mentors and Mentees could converge, where the focus would solely be on the subject matter, while everything else seamlessly fell into place.

Out of this vision, Mentorange emerged, a vibrant community that brings together seasoned educators and eager learners on a technologically driven platform. We harness the power of automation to not only simplify but elevate the educational experience, ultimately contributing to a more enlightened world.

Our Mission: To Become the Premier Mentoring Platform Worldwide.

Our Story

Danish Naglekar, one of our founders, and a proud Microsoft MVP has been in the world of mentoring for years, specializing in topics like achieving work-life balance and mastering the art of multitasking at work.

But here's the twist: while delivering his mentorship programs, Danish encountered a series of time-sucking challenges:

  • Creating registration forms
  • Manually selecting mentees from LinkedIn
  • Managing notifications and materials
  • Finding a suitable platform
  • Hosting sessions and ensuring accessibility
  • Navigating multiple social media platforms

Imagine juggling all this while working a full-time job! It became clear that Danish wasn't alone in this struggle.

So, he decided to reach out to fellow mentors and discovered they faced similar issues. That's when the spark of inspiration struck: Why not build a platform that could solve these problems for mentors everywhere? educational experience, ultimately contributing to a more enlightened world.

And thus began the journey to create a user-friendly, hassle-free platform where mentors can focus on what they do best – sharing knowledge and enriching lives.